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PinstripeMag is one of the top online US publications devoted to men’s fashion, gadgets, grooming and style. We pride ourselves on having a great looking, easy to use website, while providing style-conscious male shoppers with all the information and advice they need in order to look and feel their best.

Our Audience

Our readers are fashion conscious, well-educated, affluent men, in the age range of 18-50 years old who are interested in:

Men’s Fashion
Fashion Tips
Male Grooming
Men’s Style
Men’s Lifestyle
Men’s Hairstyles
Designer Clothing
Celebrity Style
Men’s Watches
Men’s Gadgets
Outdoor Gear
Home Design
Gift Guides
What To Get Their Women

We also get visitors who are in the fashion and/or modeling industry and casual Internet users looking for Fashion related information.

The Pinstripe Man is single, divorced, separated, or married with a young heart. When surfing online he makes sure to always visit Pinstripe, whether it’s at home, work, a friend or relative’s house.


* 87% are male
* 94% are age 23-46
* 91% attended college
* 49% have a household income over $75K
* 67% are employed full-time;
* 17% are students
* 72% are single
* 21% have at least one child
* 85% visit the Pinstripe several times a week
* 63% were influenced to purchase by Pinstripe Online Magazine

Source: Reader Survey; November 2015, 6,400 respondents

Key details include:
Sessions a Month: 1,200,000+
Unique Visitors: 60%
Subscribers/Members 110,000+

Advertising on Pinstripe Online Magazine!

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We have top 10 rankings for some major terms with our sector, including: mens online lifestyle magazine, mens fashion, mens fashion trends, mens grooming, mens street style, mens fashion blog
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As you can see, our results speak for themselves and you can be sure that we target real male fashion shoppers within our content.

With 60% of traffic being new visitors, your brand is also being exposed to potential new customers
on a daily basis – meaning your advertising works harder for you.

Pinstripe Online Magazine offers men the answer to their prayers: great stories, up to day trends, latest gadgets combined with fantastic pictures of the sexiest women around the world. Since our male readers are well traveled they not only need to know who’s hot in the US but also Latin America,
Europe and Asia.

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