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Hair Loss Solution with UPGUYS

Men spend most of their time on their phones. Some do it for work, but the majority are looking for hair loss treatments.

Hair is everyone’s crowning glory. Even in this day and age, we revel on Elvis Presley’s iconic pompadour hair during the ’50s.

Well, not many guys today get that luscious 1950s haircut. But hair care remains one of the most-interesting barber stories there is regardless of the era. Pun intended.

For one, the little black matter sitting on top of our heads improves our overall appearance. On top of that, it directly reflects one’s overall health condition and hygiene.

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Hair Loss Prevalence Among Men

Sadly, regardless of how much care we put on, we often see receding hairlines on our mirrors every day.

Recent statistics show that approximately 50% of the world’s total male population suffers from hair loss. Some 25% of these started seeing signs of hair shedding as early as 21 years old.

In the United States alone, 35 million American males report one or more types of hair loss, 20% of which are under 30. The problem gets worse as they age.

hair loss problems men

Market Share of Balding Treatments

There is a rising number of people suffering from this dilemma. Due to this, it is not surprising that hair restoration surgery is growing faster than your hair.

Numbers show that almost half a million people around the globe has gone through this procedure.

Although it is considered as among the most reliable forms of hair loss treatment, cosmetic restorations are risky. Not to mention, the cost is a hefty sum.

Most of the cases require a follow-up procedure which means you need to undergo a second or third surgery to get desirable results.

Sulk not because you are lucky to be reading an article which does not encourage you to go under the knife.

But before that, ditch that greasy winter hair first, if you have any, and read on our dry shampoo recommendations here.

Say Bye Hair Loss with UPGUYS

The market share of combined hair shedding and loss treatments is forecasted to reach $46 million by 2028. Currently, it stands at just below $20 million, which translates to an annual growth rate of 14%.

Although the market booms at an exorbitant rate, not all companies offering products and services on this niche do it like this company.

UPGUYS is a men’s digital health and well-being company based in Canada.

It specializes in the most common health problems among men such as hair loss, erectile dysfunction, and anything fitness-related.

It offers science-backed personal care products and medications to help gentlemen go through their health concerns.

The firm sits a pool of medical professionals which are proficient in these particular concerns. You can schedule an appointment with a physician for a thorough health assessment.

This way, you are not pressured to talk to your family doctor whom you have known since you were a kid about intimate and personal health problems.

Keep in mind, there is no one size fits all answer to your problem—everybody’s case is different. So, a family doctor would really not do the trick.

The site also has good reviews for quick order placement, processing, and discreet delivery. So for people here suffering in silence, there is nothing you should worry about.

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UPGUYS Product Line-up

While you are still in doubt whether your receding hairline could still be saved, here is a straight answer to you: YES.

But what causes this problem in general? It can come from different many reasons but mostly it is due to hereditary reasons.

Your dad has it and so did your granddad, your ancestors, and the majority of men on your bloodline.

Other factors include your age, diet, hair products you use, medications, and health-related habits.

Nevertheless, about 95% of the world’s hair loss cases could be treated, or at least reversed. You can give out that sigh of relief now.

Ready to shed off? Not your remaining hair but 20 years of compounded aging which came when you lost almost all of them.

UPGUYS offers two of the most bankable topical and oral treatments for hair loss.

Minoxidil AM/PM 30 ml

hair loss minoxidil
Minoxidil in 30 ml for morning and night

Of course, holy grail Minoxidil topical treatment in the generic form of the Rogaine brand will make an appearance.

They are packed in two small bottles of 30 ml each, one with white color and another is black.

The white 30 ml extra strength container is intended for daytime use while the black is for the night. This offering retails for $69 for the two 30 ml bottles.

But Why Minoxidil?

The term may sound too scientific and intimidating but it actually works pretty simple. This medication is known as a “vasodilator” which means that it dilates the scalp’s blood vessels open.

After this opening, blood flows more easily through the vessels which help facilitate circulation to hair follicles. This comes with greater oxygen and nutrient delivery which triggers hair growth.

In short, Minoxidil does not stop hair loss but helps in the process of new hair growth. Think of it as fertilizer more than a pest killer.

What is good about this topical treatment is that it does not only provide you with new hair—but a thicker and softer version of before. Not to mention, hair is now swiftly sprouting before you know it.

Just remember to apply it religiously day and night and you will rock that pompadour in no time.



Finasteride 1 mg Tablets

upguys finasteride tablets
Finasteride tablets 1 mg

We move to our next US FDA-approved treatment requiring prescription oral intake.

Sometimes, applying and lathering liquid on our skin is just not what we see ourselves doing every single day. Let alone if you have to do it day and night.

For our gentlemen who prefer an oral medication better than anything else, UPGUYS sells Finasteride (Propecia) by Auro in 1 mg tablets. Each set comes with 28 tablets and retails for $49.

Finasteride is a prominent DHT hormone blocker. DHT or dihydrotestosterone colonizes and damages hair follicles after binding with them.

The damage results in the inability to grow new hair on the affected area, which is often an entire scalp, and thus, bye hair.

This treatment ultimately stops the body from converting testosterone to DHT, leading to the prevention of imminent baldness.

According to science, Finasteride is a far more effective solution to hair loss compared to its topical counterpart.

On the other hand, it does not work with other hair thinning or loss forms such as chemotherapy and other medications.



Finasteride + Minoxidil

upguys hair loss combo
Minoxidil + Finasteride combo

Well, each of these solutions has its own shortcomings, why not combine the treatment for the optimum result?

UPGUYS just guessed what you are thinking. You can purchase a combination of Minoxidil 30 ml bottles and Finasteride 1 mg tablets on a bundle on the website for $118.

But not so fast. This should only be under the advice of a licensed physician so it will be mostly dependent on how serious your condition is.

Isn’t it dangerous to combine the two? It may sound like we are taking or applying so much for hair loss, but it is actually necessary.

One will be responsible for slowing down the process of balding while the other intends to stimulate hair growth. This means that you are hitting many birds at two stones, after all.

A study conducted in 2015 among male participants undergoing androgenetic alopecia will calm your jitters down.

Results of the combined medication of these two prescription drugs showed the best efficacy versus when used as standalone.

The sooner you take these, the better for you. Remember, with hair loss problems, the time ticks and expires sooner than you would expect.

If you enjoyed this article, visit UPGUYS’ knowledge section to read blogs on men’s health.


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