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Fun Things To Do on Your Vacation To the Florida Keys

Whether you’re going for a bachelor party, fishing expedition, or a beach trip with the family, the Florida Keys are one of the most exotic and paradise-like places you can visit in America. Explore some fun things to do on your vacation to the Florida Keys to help you plan locations to visit on your trip.

Duval Street

Duval Street is the cultural center of Key West. Stretching from Mallory Square to the Southmost Point marker, it’s hard to visit Key West without spending a few days roaming the street’s countless bars, restaurants, shops, and museums. Hemmingway’s home is on Duval, as well as the famous bar he frequented, Sloppy Joe’s.

Duval Street is also a host of a variety of parades and festivals throughout the years. In the summer, there is Hemmingway Fest, then a ten-day custom party in October called Fantasy Fest, and each year gets sent off with a massive New Year’s Eve Party.


One of the great spots to go fly fishing in Florida is right here in the Florida Keys. Then, when you couple that with world-class deep-sea fishing experiences, the Keys are an angler’s paradise. Off the shores, you can cast in the shallow waters, but a short boat ride is necessary to reach some of the best trophy fish in the world. If you plan on coming to the Keys for a fishing trip, the city of Marathon is where you want to be.

Ernest Hemmingway’s Home

The home of one of America’s greatest novelists, the building is now a museum and garden, preserving its original beauty. In the house, you’ll find Hemmingway’s extensive collection of antique 17th-century Spanish furniture and decorations unchanged since his death in 1961. However, the home is arguably most famous for its garden, where over 40 descendants of Hemmingway’s original six-toed cat roam among the exotic flowers.

Little White House

The other famous home in Key West belonged to former president Harry S. Truman. The building was initially built to serve as a headquarters by the Navy during the Spanish-American war. But since Key West is one of the best winter destinations in the US, by the 1940s, President Truman used the home as a vacation spot during his presidency. During his terms, he would host military leaders, monitor the war, and tend to urgent matters of state there. Today, the Little White House is a museum open to the public. This home is a unique preservation of the private residence of one of the greatest leaders in American history.

Dry Tortugas National Park

Dry Tortugas National Park is located just outside the Keys, and it can only be reached by boat or plane. This collection of small islands is home to the 19th century Fort Jefferson, as well as some of the best snorkeling you’ll find in the entire United States. From underwater fields of seagrass to shipwrecks, there are some truly awe-inspiring views just under the surface.

After checking out the fun things to do on your vacation to the Florida Keys, where do you think you’ll be spending your time while among the conchs?


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