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5 Steps to Starting an Open Mic Night in Your Town

Open mic nights are becoming an increasingly popular part of many city’s nightlives!  Not only do they give smaller comedians and musicians the chance to practice in front of an audience, but they also allow the community to grow closer together by enjoying their arts.


These are five steps to start an open mic night in your town!

1-  Gauge Interest

Before you start your event, you must ensure there’s enough interest to make all of this worth it.  You can gauge interest by posting in local chat rooms, putting out polls on social media, or asking people in your area.


If enough people seem as excited about this area as you are, it’s a good idea to move forward with it. Of course, how many people is enough will depend on the size of your town, your venue, and your expectations.

2- Find a Venue that Suits What You Need

When you’ve gauged interest, you should have a pretty clear image of how much space you’ll need for the event. This could mean a concert hall or just renting out a small bar.


Think about the seating and standing capacities, how many possible sign-ups you could have, and how much further this could grow.

3- Create Social Media Buzz Around It

Social media is powerful because it allows us to connect with as many neighbors and community members as we want to.


Creating social media accounts on your area’s main popular social media sites will enable you to find attendees and acts where they’ll already be.  When people seek things like ‘live entertainment near me,’ as long as you’re in local tags, they’ll hopefully be able to find your event.

4- Allow Limited Pre-Sign-Ups

Although you don’t want to have an event that has to end too early because nobody’s performing, you shouldn’t allow sign-ups to fill before the event is held.  Pre-fill no more than a third of the slots, and then let the others be filled by those who want to sign up at the door.


Sometimes people don’t dare to get up in front of an audience until they’ve seen others do it.  This is a great way to ensure more people have a chance to perform.

5- Find a Featured Performer to Draw People In

The average mic night performer may talk for six to ten minutes: and a featured performer will take on double that.


Look for a featured performer that suits not only the budget but also the event you’re holding.  This could be a singer, comedian, or anything else that you think will be a big pull for those who attend.

An Open Mic Night is the Best Way to Create a Community

It can be difficult for a town to become a tight-knit community without a little work.


Through a successful open mic night, you can create the connection necessary and give locals the chance to get to know each other through a live show, which is worth every bit of work that goes into it.



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