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Guide To Making Your Garden Kid-Friendly

With children in the house, the backyard can often become more of a play area and less of a relaxing haven. It is all about cycling, ballgames, and fort-making activities. But you do not have to let the natural paradise be overrun by climbing structures and toys. Let us take a look at some of the most innovative ways to transform the garden into a wonderland that kids and adults can enjoy.

  1. Stick to natural

You do not have to go all out and buy a ton of items for kids. Simply use your imagination and build a play area using a few basic play items. It could be tree stumps or a play area made out of old tires. Try to keep it as simple as possible. Whenever you are pruning the garden, do not throw away everything. Look at what your children can use to play and keep those things. Do not fill your garden with a lot of things to play and stick to nature as much as possible. You can also ask them to come up with something interesting using the available materials.

2.   Plan for the play equipment

If you are working on the hardscape, you must incorporate your child’s ideas into the space. Consider adding a steel slide into the step construction or add a sandpit nearby. If you have more kids playing in your garden, you can consider investing in a trampoline to keep them engaged and busy at all times. You can easily find the best trampoline for kids online and choose one based on the available space. It will keep your kids happy and make the space look good.

3.  Add paths

Children love to ride so create a hard surface such as a deck where they can scoot, or cycle. Even the standard patio looks good but in order to make it more adventurous, you can create one fun, curved path. Nothing excites children as much as riding on a track that goes all around the garden.

4.  Have a sensory space

Try to encourage your kids to enjoy nature by stimulating their senses. When it comes to the senses, you can have bright flowers for the sight, rustling grass for the rare quiet minute and fun smells like a curry plant. This will stimulate all their senses one after the other and they will have a unique experience in the garden. The playtime could become a learning process for your kids if you plan the space right.

5.  Cover the space

If you have a totally open space, it might get extremely hot on a summer day or too cold during winters, so you must have some shade for the children. Trees can work as a good option but if that it is not possible, use a canopy or a simple umbrella. You can also have a bright play table or a sand pit under the shaded spot so the kids can enjoy their playtime no matter the weather.

6.  Build a camp

Kids love hideouts and forts, and it can be something as basic as a shaded corner. It is a basic idea that can provide camp and keep them occupied. Simply buy bamboo canes and make a circle, which should be kept in place with the garden twine. Now plant beans at the bottom and let them grow over the frame.

7.  Create a climbing wall

Children love to climb walls and it is a great addition to your garden. You can buy ready-made climbing walls and add them to a safe area in the garden. It is often a part of the play structure and if you do not have enough space for the equipment, simply build your own with some climbing wall holds. Pick a sturdy wall and screw holds at regular intervals.

8.  Add a blackboard space

If there is an empty wall in the garden and you do not know how to use it, here is a fun idea. You can transform the wall into an art space by simply using one coat of blackboard paint. And if you do not have a wall, simply use a framed blackboard as many homeowners do.

9.  Add storage space

Children will create a mess when they are playing so always have an easy storage area to hide their stuff and keep it away from the rain. Add space below the deck or use containers and label them so that the little ones can tidy up with ease.

These are some of the tried-and-tested ways you can make your garden child-friendly while ensuring that you do not go out of your budget. It will make your garden look great and become a fun space for your kids.


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