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What You Should Take On Your Next Camping Trip

Camping is a fun activity, but you need to prepare. You can’t just go out in the wilderness without anything and expect to survive and thrive. Instead, you have to plan and know the conditions of where you’re going. Knowing what you should take on your next camping trip is the best way to prepare.

Oversized Sleeping Bag

Camping is a time when you go outdoors and get to spend time with nature, but you don’t need to sacrifice everything from your domestic life to make it fun. After clothes, a tent, and water, the most important item you need is a sleeping bag, and, more specifically, a good sleeping bag. A regular one will give you a place to sleep, but you will wake up achy. You need to get yourself a big sleeping bag that is comfy, can keep you warm, and is big enough to fit your entire body. Anything less will leave you with a less than great night’s sleep.

Backpacking Water Filter

Depending on where you are camping, you might not have easy access to water. It could be a scarce resource, and in scary situations, it could be tempting to drink rainwater or water from a river or pond to not become dehydrated. You should not do this. Instead, you should have a backpack water filter to make your water safe to drink. Regular water from a well can even be unsafe, and people need to treat it to make it drinkable. If you need to treat the water in your home to drink it, you definitely need to filter the water you find in the wilderness.

Outdoor-Safe Watch

Another item you will need every time you go camping is a durable watch. Watches are necessary for keeping time and ensuring you’re running on schedule, and it’s easy for them to become damaged or lost. To avoid this, invest in an outdoor-safe watch that is weather- and water-resistant while still being comfortable to wear. A smartwatch can also be good in these situations as it can have a compass, GPS, and weather applications. However, you should also make sure it also has good battery life and can stand up to the elements.

An LED Headlamp

Another essential item you need for camping is an LED headlamp. You need light sources because when you are in the middle of nowhere, and when the sun goes down, you’re in the dark. LED headlamps improve on traditional flashlights because you can wear them. This gives you more movement and the ability to do things around your camp with both of your hands.

This is a list of what you should take on your next camping trip, but it’s essential to remember that you can never be too prepared. The outside elements are unpredictable, and a big part of camping is planning for any sort of situation. It’s better to be more overprepared than underprepared. This way, you can have a fun trip while still being comfortable and safe.


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