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What Is the Purpose of NFL Training Camp?

We’re on the cusp of the 2022 NFL season kicking off, which means that all 32 teams will be entering training camp soon. Like MLB’s spring training, training camp is a tease that tickles avid football fans, knowing that the season is fast approaching. But what is the purpose of NFL training camp, and how does it help franchises get better?

Gets Players Back in Shape

The primary reason for NFL training camp is to get the hundreds of players, coaches, medical staff, and front office ready for the upcoming season. Football is a physically demanding sport, so the five to six months between the conclusion of the previous year to the start of a new campaign are essential for healing.

It takes a while for players to get back in peak condition after spending half of the year away from the field. Currently, most players do intensive workouts on their own time, so training camp isn’t as necessary for the grizzled veterans.

Chance for Newcomers To Acclimate Themselves

With the dawn of a new season, teams don’t look like they did before. Between trades, free agent signings, and, most importantly, rookies, countless players need to acclimate themselves to their new squad.

Training camp allows veterans like Davante Adams, Tyreek Hill, and Khalil Mack to get the hiccups out before playing their first game with their new team. Those All-Pro players don’t have to worry about losing their job. However, rookies have a chance to show off for the coaches, earning a spot on the team potentially. For this reason, you’ll hear about training camp all-stars in the upcoming weeks.

Prepare for Preseason

For some folks, it feels like the preseason is a boring, drawn-out exhibition. While that’s true for some, don’t tell that to the guy who’s got his mancave setup for the Hall of Fame game. The preseason means nothing to the elite NFL players, considering most don’t even play a down.

Again, this is a chance for the rookies to show off. If there are any Hard Knocks fans, you know how critical these games are for the players on the bubble. One good or bad play may be the difference in making the final roster or not.

Got To Have Faith

Finally, NFL training camp provides every fan, player, and coach with one thing—hope. If you’re a Cleveland Browns fan, you know what it’s like to cling to hope when every August rolls around. Sometimes, hope is all you need to prepare for the five-month grind of the NFL season. Everyone starts at 0-0, so all teams are in first place in the standings when the preseason hits (or last, if you’re a pessimist).

While an undefeated preseason doesn’t predict regular season success, as the 2008 Detroit Lions illustrated, it may give you an inkling of who comes out on top at Week One.

Hopefully, this helps you understand the purpose of NFL training camp. Let good luck and fortune be in your not-so-distant future.


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