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3 Ways To Make Your 1995 Toyota Tacoma Better

Let’s be honest; the 1995 Toyota Tacoma isn’t that much to look at. It’s not a luxury car or anything special. Despite that, people love doing modifications on them and fixing them up to be customized. If you have this truck and want to learn how to modify it, we can help. Keep reading to learn about three ways to make your 1995 Toyota Tacoma even better.

Installing a New Engine

One of the best places to start when fixing up your car is the engine. While engines can take a lot of work and even the consultation of a professional, a new engine will completely change your car.

The original engine on the 1995 Toyota Tacoma can only do up to 110 HP. While that’s decent for some people, others want a more powerful driving experience. Swapping the old engine with a 2.7L 3RZ will give you more horsepower and an improved engine management system, although the newer engine management system will require some rewiring. You’ll also need some new, custom exhaust work and a new catalytic converter. While it’s a lot of work, and will probably require a professional, it’s worth it.

Lifting the Frame

If you want to take your Tacoma off-road, then you’ll need better tires. The best way to accommodate off-road tires is to get your truck lifted. This will give your new, better tires the space they need and will give your truck more clearance as you explore off-roading.

Even if you don’t plan to take your Tacoma offroad, this truck sits a bit lower than most contemporary trucks. Lifting the frame will help you keep up with the newer Tacoma models you’ll see on the road without changing too much. This is a great modification to make if you want to keep your Tacoma as original as possible while still improving it.

Getting a Paint Job

A paint job is the classic way to improve the look and feel of any car. Since your 1995 Tacoma has probably been through a lot in the past 27 years, it needs that surface improvement along with the more serious modifications we listed above.

There are many benefits to getting a paint job for your truck. Not only will you get to personalize it with the color you want, but new paint can help prevent rust buildup. In a truck as old as this one, preventing rust buildup and other seemingly cosmetic problems will help you keep your truck longer and help it maintain its value.

Installing a new engine, lifting the frame, and getting a paint job are three ways to improve your 1995 Toyota Tacoma. While these old trucks aren’t your standard luxury car, they offer great customization options if you want to truly make your ride your own. Embrace this car and fix it up yourself, or pay a professional to fix it up; you’ll feel like the king of the road.


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