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Everything You Wanted to Know (and Daren’t Ask) About Leggings for Men

Leggings have been one of the greatest things to come out of the athleisure fashion movement, but many men still shy away from wearing them. Matador Meggings has become one of the leading global brands in men-specific leggings, so we connected with entrepreneur and brand founder, Valentine Aseyo, to get some tips, tricks, and insider information. Today we break down all-things-legging, why and how to wear them, and why you might want to.

Why men are shy to try leggings

Let’s face it. Tight clothing has always been seen as tough to pull off for men. Yet, as Valentine often says, all our superheroes are decked out in tight leggings, and no one bats an eye there. Thankfully, the times have changed. Today no one thinks twice about slipping on a pair of skinny jeans, even if they’re not as young as they once were.


However, jeans can be tight and restrictive even when they’re not styled to be, well, tight. If you’re looking for a cleaner, form-fitting line, but still want to maintain the comfort of your favorite pair of track pants, then leggings have what you need.


It’s perfectly fine to be a little shy about showcasing your body, but you don’t have to look like a Hollywood superstar to pull it off. People of all body types and style leanings look great in leggings, so don’t get left out. Not convinced? When Valentine was building the Matador brand, he didn’t just want to create a new piece of athleisure, he wanted to actively communicate that spirit and global community among the people who wear their meggings. Today, you’ll find Matador ‘Bulls’ supporting and celebrating each other in all corners of the globe, from the ultra-fit to the just-like-us. So if you still need a little support and inspiration to try tighter menswear, don’t be shy to join them in their social spaces and celebrate a little brotherhood together. For many Matador fans.

Leggings for Men

I’m active, but I don’t run

Who said leggings were just for runners, anyway? If you lean less fashionable and more sporty, you still want to have leggings on your radar. Because they’re comfortable and form-fitting, but still give you full freedom of movement, they’re great for a ton of activities.

If you love to live on the hiking trail, say goodbye to snagged pants and socks full of prickly seeds. Keep those mighty leg muscles warm and supple as you beat your personal best. Just generally active? Say hello to less sweat and more fun.


Seriously, we can’t overstress the sweat bit. With wicking, breathable leggings, crotch-funk will be a bad memory you booted out the door. Durable, hard-wearing, and versatile, leggings do it all, whether it’s in the gym, on a yoga mat, or out in nature’s wilds.


What makes a great pair of leggings? Here’s Valentine’s tips on features to watch out for, based on what he included in the Matador range:


  • Fit: Lycra does a lot, but it can’t do everything. Look for additional fit features. Matador not only uses a thick, non-slip waistband, but also includes an inner drawstring to help adjust the fit. They also include the latest athletic compression technology. No, that doesn’t mean the family jewels will be in a vice! Compression wear is like a hug for your muscles, encouraging blood flow, supporting your muscles, and giving your workout a little boost.
  • Features: Whether you’re hitting the dancefloor or the gym, you’re going to need to take some basics along. Matador uses both zippered and unzippered pockets so you can stow your goodies without risk of loss. They also include a towel band (or hey, shirt band if you’re bold) at the back of their pants, ensuring nothing gets lost.
  • Funk: We’ve mentioned sweat-wicking fabrics already, but it’s worth reiterating. Wickable fabrics keep you cool, dry, and confident
  • Fun: If you don’t feel good, you won’t look good. Whatever your style is, don’t be afraid to let it show. No one said practical and fun can’t share the same package

Leggings for Men

How to wear and style leggings

Anything skinny jeans can do, leggings can do better. You’re better off looking for a high-quality leggings brand with thick, durable material and proper shaping for the male anatomy, so you don’t have to be shy or feel concerned while wearing them. That way, you can relax and enjoy your new look without feeling the need to edge behind the nearest pot plant in mixed company.


The bulging issue is one Valentine embraces with an entrepreneurial spirit and a little of the infectious, in-your-face glee he carried into his brand designs. As a proud LGBTQ entrepreneur, Valentine’s not afraid to say it how it is- and most leggings severely lack in this department. If they’re labeled ‘unisex’, it’s even worse.


If you have enough cocksure swagger to let it be everyone else’s problem, good for you! But most of us are a little shyer than that. For Matador’s flagship meggings, Valentine wanted to create a legging with options. Designed with the male anatomy in mind, they have a soft-cup insert that helps shape, lift, and contain the family jewels into a pleasing package that could grace the cover of any comic book without needing to be banished to the top shelves. Ripping on the ‘no visible panty line’ trend in women’s sportswear, Matador calls this their ‘No VPL’ technology. As the cup is fully removable, bolder souls can go as bare as they dare, but still with the comfort and support of leggings made for the male anatomy, not a store mannequin.


Leggings and layering are a match made in heaven, and it’s a great way to showcase your knitwear without looking like your granddad, too. If you’ve got a great pair of kicks to show off, you want to explore leggings, because the cleaner, slimmer line lets your shoes shine. So whether it’s a pair of must-have sneakers or some intriguing loafers you picked up and want to strut your stuff in, put leggings on the radar. Combat boots? Something a little gothic? Knee-high kickers? They’ll all love you for pairing them with leggings.

If you lean toward the mod look, leggings offer you a clean, simple palette to build your extravagant accessories around. No such thing as too much if your base outfit is sleek, so throw on those rings and scarves. Valentine was sick of men’s options being black, more black, and maybe some navy. Where’s the fun in that? One glance at the Matador range, and you’ll see the fun, flirty patterns and bold colors they’ve become known for. Don’t be afraid to bring a little of that same spirit into your fashion choices, too.


Plus, a pair of leggings under your favorite pants is a great way to stay toasty and warm even when it’s cold outside. But shh… we won’t tell if you don’t!


If you’re looking for a comfortable, versatile, and no-fuss way to live life on your terms, then add leggings to your fashion rota today. We guarantee you won’t be sorry you tried them- though you may have difficulty remembering why you ever wore anything else!

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