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Where Should You Put a Logo on Business Cards?

Entrepreneurs seem to come up with new digital side hustles and businesses every day. If you want to stand out from this crowded competition and work your way to becoming a millionaire, then you have to stand out. One of the best ways to stand out is to make a lasting impression when you meet someone, and business cards are perfect for that.

That is, as long as they’re unique. Including your logo on your card helps make it more unique. Learn where you should put a logo on your business cards now so that you can continue to climb the ladder of success.

Upper Left-Hand Corner of the Card

Most businesses and entrepreneurs who design business cards with their logos place the logo in the upper left-hand corner. While the presence of a logo will make the card more memorable, placing it in the usual spot won’t strike any recipient as unique. Place the logo here only if you have no other options, and make sure the rest of your card compensates for this traditional placement.

Upper Right-Hand Corner of the Card

For a slight deviation from the traditional placement without breaking the mold too much, you can place the logo on the upper right-hand corner of the card. While this isn’t ideal since it’s still so similar to the basic card design, you may find that it’s your only option depending on the other elements you need to incorporate into your card. Ask a design expert if they have any suggestions that can prevent your card from looking like a basic mirror.

Backside of the Card

Printing information on both sides is a great way to modernize your cards and make them stand out from the competition. You can print your text on one side and place a big logo on the back to have room for the most information possible. You can also split the text information between the front and the back and place the logo on the back alongside the information. Just don’t put it in the upper left-hand corner, or traditional professionals may think that’s the front of your card.

Middle of the Card

If you’re trying to stand out, you may not even have a basic rectangular card. For those unique professionals using other shapes, like circles or triangles, you have to get extra creative with logo placement to make sure everything fits. These unique shapes give you the opportunity to place your logo in the middle of the card, either on the front or the back.

As an entrepreneur with goals of high achievement and prosperity, you have to do everything in your power to stand out from the competition. Learning where you should put a logo on your business card and designing one with a unique look are some of those ways to stand out. Whether you choose to place your logo in the upper right-hand corner, on the back, or in the middle of the card, you can make a statement that will help people remember your business. Continue to learn and grow as an entrepreneur, and you’ll see success.


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