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5 Awesome Digital Side Hustles You Can Start Today

If you are strapped for cash despite your full-time job, your first impulse could be to search for a better paid one. And that impulse is not wrong – most times, prolonging the inevitable just makes everything more complicated. That’s where side hustles come into play.

You might have to keep that particular job for a reason or you just need to earn some extra money from time to time. In such cases, you would want for the side hustles that you chose to be flexible so you can do it whenever it suits you best during the day, and of course, for the earnings to be decent. So, let’s take a look at a few jobs that can earn you some money on the side without being too time-consuming. 

Cash in your language knowledge 

If English is your mother tongue or you know it very well, you can teach it online. There are a lot of adults and kids all over the world who need tutors, either to help them with school lessons or improve their language skills. Hiring an online tutor is less expensive for them and all you need from your side is a good internet connection, a camera, and some time on your hands! So, it’s a win-win situation.

It would be best to start working for some online language school so that you can learn the ropes. After you grow a network of students, you can agree with them to have classes ‘outside’ of school. Alternatively, your first step can be to advertise online without a school as an intermediary. Just keep in mind that finding students that way would be slower, but again, if you feel more comfortable like that or if it offers you more flexibility, you should go about it that way.

YouTube side hustles are great

There must be at least one YouTuber whose videos you watch at least from time to time. And besides, there’s no denying it – we have started observing YouTube as one great source of tutorials and life advice. We search for advice on how to stay fit and healthy, how to fix things, which products to purchase and so on, the list goes on forever. 

But this also means that whatever topic interests you, chances are that you’ll have an audience for it. You would need a camera and at least some basic video editing skills so before you start planning on buying expensive professional equipment your favorite YouTubers have, first wait until you gather a decent pool of subscribers. And who knows, maybe this could grow into a full-time job one day! 

Let your computer do the work

If you lack money but also additional time to have a part-time job on top of your regular, you should get involved in something that is not time-consuming at all – bitcoin mining. Bitcoin has been present for 10 years now despite those who have predicted it will be a fad. Although it might sound complicated from the technical side to some, it actually isn’t. 

Yes, there are talks of algorithms and mathematical problems but don’t worry, you won’t be solving those. All you need to do is to invest in an ASIC miner that will solve complex mathematical problems while you are at work or drinking beer with your friends. Besides that, you would need to find a reliable wallet provider to store the mined bitcoins and you can then use it for online shopping or trade them into regular (fiat) currency if you prefer. 

Offer customer support

In a consumerist society that we live in, it is expected for the number of customers of different products and services to rise. When we add digitalization to this mix, we get a large base of customers who can contact you at any time and from any location and who want answers right there and then. This means that every business, no matter how small, needs customer support and this is where you come in.

You should be aiming at part-time customer support openings, and preferably that have flexible working hours. As for the field, you can probably take your pick since the demand is large. Assess your interests and the amount of time you have besides your regular job and focus on finding businesses from that niche. 

Earn extra cash by transcribing

If your typing is fast and accurate, then you should consider trying your luck at transcribing. Most companies would ask for an entrance test to see if your typing speed is 60 words per minute and more. Knowledge of the industry is a plus because you will find it easier to comprehend the audio especially if we are talking about medical or legal transcription jobs.

Also, your knowledge of the language has to be satisfactory so proper punctuation and grammar are a must. Otherwise, you can go to a café, put your earphones on and type away! As for the time necessary to transcribe an hour of audio, that depends on the rate of speech, your experience, and also audio quality. 

Wrapping up

A computer and internet access – this is all you need for most of these side hustles. They are flexible and while some are more time consuming than others, you can easily find a lucrative one that you can combine with your full-time job.


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