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Which Male Fashion Blogger Makes the Most Money

The digital world has transformed everything. The number of digital users is increasing each day. Statista reports that there are 4.57 billion internet users in the world. With this rising tide, new ways of earning have grown exponentially and blogging is one of them. It has transformed into an important profession with excellent earning potential.


Blogging is indeed a small business that has been taken to a new level. Bloggers are earning from $500 to $50,000 a month. Isn’t that amazing? They usually create promotional content for different brands. Sometimes, they only discuss some relevant events and ideas. It all depends on the niche that these bloggers are targeting!


Here are top male fashion bloggers that make the most money simply through blogging!


  1. Mariano Di Vaio

Mariano is the perfect example of being fit, healthy, and handsome. He is a 26 years old Italian blogger, designer, and model. Many male clothing brands have selected him countless times for advertising their outfits and representing them in the blog world.



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Mariano’s blog, MDV Style, has been the source of his fame. He has groundbreaking figures of Instagram followers in the list with 6.2 million Instagram followers. Di Vaio earns around $1 million a year through his social presence.



  1. Adam Gallagher

Adam Gallagher is another famous male fashion blogger and influencer. He has around 2.1 million Instagram followers. His blogging website IAMGALLA has earned him a valuable and reputed name with a handsome amount of money. His grooming and personal maintenance routine are a true inspiration for tons of young men.



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His blogging website and social media networks are filled with elegant and captivating photographs. He has worn outfits of top brands from San Francisco, Istanbul, Paris, and London. Rumors have it that he earns $800k-$900k a year.



  1. Phil Cohen

Phil is a former art director who turned into a famous blogger and social influencer. He has 785K followers on Instagram. His blogging career started differently compared to others. He loves wearing new outfits and clicking photographs. He never knew that this would become his source of fame.



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Phil is now promoting different clothing brands through his blogging brand thepacman82 and Instagram page. He often earns thousands of dollars for a single Instagram post.



  1. Matthew Zorpas

Matthew Zorpas is a handsome fashion blogger. His website’s name is ‘The Gentleman Blogger.’ He was born in Cyprus but raised in London. He calls London the city that holds his heart and soul.



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Matthew has a total of 186K Instagram followers. He has excellent taste in clothes, which made him the top choice of many top-notch male clothing brands. He is also among the best paid male fashion bloggers.


  1. Pelayo Diaz

Pelayo Diaz is a fashion blogger, designer, model, and stylist. He has the perfect taste for clothes and has been amongst the most famous male fashion bloggers in the world. He became famous with his blog ‘Katelovesme.’



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Pelayo has 1 million Instagram followers. A lot of popular male clothing brands have approached him for his unique style and striking features. He also earns six figures through his fashion blogging efforts.




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